• Greening Games at CEEGS 2022
    On the 13th of September, our colleagues organized a workshop focused on the intersections of sustainable futures and the game industry. The workshop was part of the established Central and Eastern European Game Studies conference in Tallinn, Estonia, which unites Game Studies scholars from Central, Eastern, but also other parts of Europe. The workshop was based on an open call. […]
  • Games&Climate Summit at the Clash of Realities 2022
    Since 2006, the International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games, or the Clash or Realities, has offered a thriving forum for transferring knowledge from research to politics and the public, focusing on media-pedagogical issues. The event is organized this year for the last final time and includes a variety talks related to various aspects of video […]
  • Green Games: (Un)Sustainability of Digital Play panel at the 14th DiGRA conference in Kraków
    On Friday, July 8th 2022, members of the Greening Games team together with our collaborators from the Nordic Alliance for Sustainability in Games, will be presenting at the 14th Digital Games Research Conference in Kraków, Poland. The hybrid panel will focus on the questions related to sustainability of digital play. Digital games are entangled within the dynamics of ecology on […]
  • Pilot Didactic Project Cologne Game Lab & IGDA Climate SIG
    During the months of May and July 2022, a didactic pilot project was conducted within the framework of the Greening Games project. The project was designed and delivered within the existing module infrastructure in the B.A. Digital Games study program at Cologne Game Lab, TH Köln.  The module Collaborative Projects is set within the context of the study program B.A. […]