Green Games: (Un)Sustainability of Digital Play panel at the 14th DiGRA conference in Kraków

On Friday, July 8th 2022, members of the Greening Games team together with our collaborators from the Nordic Alliance for Sustainability in Games, will be presenting at the 14th Digital Games Research Conference in Kraków, Poland. The hybrid panel will focus on the questions related to sustainability of digital play.

Digital games are entangled within the dynamics of ecology on many levels. On the one hand, games have been explored and praised as powerful tools for behavioural and social change. On the other hand, a growing number of studies demonstrate the infamous role they play within the context of climate change. Also, the very production and development of video games is exposed to unsustainable practices. It is only recently that the topics of greener coding or environmentally conscious workplaces, have gained visibility. In game studies, we have also looked for ecological frameworks to approach ecology-related topics. The relationship between digital gaming and ecology is a complex one and requires perspectives across disciplines. This panel is an invitation to rethink video gaming within the context of (un)sustainability. In five position statements, we will map out exemplary crossovers between gaming and ecology, opening the floor for audience debate.

Speakers: Sonia Fizek, Maria B. Garda, Paweł Grabarczyk, Mikhail Fiadotau and Patrick Prax.

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