Games&Climate Summit at the Clash of Realities 2022

Since 2006, the International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games, or the Clash or Realities, has offered a thriving forum for transferring knowledge from research to politics and the public, focusing on media-pedagogical issues. The event is organized this year for the last final time and includes a variety talks related to various aspects of video games and visual media. On Thursday, September 29th 2022, we would like to invite you to the Games & Climate Summit, co-organized by the members of the Greening Games Team.

The Games & Climate Summit will explore the manifold crossovers between games, climate and ecocriticism with a particular focus on teaching green game studies, designing for environmental sustainability, and contemplating ecological imaginaries and gameworlds. The invited speakers represent diverse voices from academia and the game development community. You can learn more, see a detailed timetable and register here.

Speakers: Arnaud Fayolle, Claudia Frick, Andrea Hubert, Laura Op de Beke, Enrique Perez, Stefan Werning and Trevin York

Organizers: Sonia Fizek, Laura Frings and David Wildemann

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