Greening Games at CEEGS 2022

On the 13th of September, our colleagues organized a workshop focused on the intersections of sustainable futures and the game industry. The workshop was part of the established Central and Eastern European Game Studies conference in Tallinn, Estonia, which unites Game Studies scholars from Central, Eastern, but also other parts of Europe.

The workshop was based on an open call. We were able to create space for individuals with education, game studies and game development interests, to present their current work in the area and discuss avenues of teaching sustainability through games and in the game industry in the subsequent panel. We presented them our current work-in-progress outcomes and ideas from the Greening Games project and discussed them in the panel concluding the workshop. The event was a success in sharing ideas and views on the topic with our target group, while attracting attendees of the conference to participate in the discussion as well. The workshop served to connect yet more people interested in “greening games”.

Participants: Pawel Frelik, Eduardo Luersen, Velvet Spors, Ondrej Trhon (moderator), Andrea Hubert
Organizers: Andrea Hubert, Lukas Kolek

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