Greening Games at the GDC 2023: Educators Summit

Today, on March 21st 2023, the Greening Games’ project leader Sonia Fizek is presenting at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, USA. Sonia is participating in a session on Teaching Sustainability and Game Design: From the Low-Hanging Fruits to the Root of the Problem.

Speakers: Patrick Prax, Clayton Whittle, Trevin York, Sonia Fizek

Location: Room 2014, West Hall

Date: Tuesday, March 21

Time: 10:50 am – 11:50 am

Panel description:

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important to game design students in higher education programs. The developers of tomorrow do not want to join a polluting industry that creates landscapes of e-waste and contributes to massive carbon emissions. They want to create games that raise awareness, as well as find possible solutions to climate change.

The question remains: How do educators respond to this eco-critical shift and teach about sustainable video games?

This panel presents The Environmental Game Design Playbook, recently published by the IGDA Climate Change SIG, and shares lessons learned from teaching with it. The panel has a very deliberate setup of diverse speakers from academia and industry. Both the use of games to inspire behavior change and the long-term goal to reform the material conditions of game production are needed to address sustainability and help students actively engage with it.

More information can be found here.

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