Spring Game Jam @ Matfyz 2024 – Green Edition 🥗

Hosted by ragnor8kpsychedeliaAmanita Design


The art which hides the theme for this year’s game jam was done by the wonderful Veronika Zacharová from Amanita Design.

We will officially reveal the theme at the beginning of the Game Jam.


The Matfyz Spring Game Jam 2024 is a traditional 48h hackathon for making games organised by Gamedev at Charles UniversityThis year’s main partner is Amanita Design, who will have developers and mentors present at the jam, so you can stop by and chat with them!

Anybody can sign up and compete for honor and fun. Game jams are here to bring people of various skills keen on game development together; an opportunity to meet new friends, acquire new skills, try out new ideas, and be creative. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned game developer, Spring Game Jam 2024 is for you.

This year, we would like to invite our jammers to create games which tell us something about people’s connection with nature.  Video games have great power to help us see the world’s future in various ways, and we can harness it! You are free to interpret the (secret for now!) theme in any way you like, fun, or serious. We are excited to see you imagine our future through games! 

Our game jams are open to anyone willing to create a video game. We are glad that the atmosphere at our site is friendly and all participants share their experience and help each other to develop a game.  Furthermore, game development lecturers and industry professionals will be available on-site to help you solve your issues during development.

At the end of the jam, all participants will be able to vote for their favourite game from the jam receiving a PEOPLE’S AWARD of Spring Game Jam 2024!

This year’s jam limit is 85 participants, so join quickly! Only the first 85 joined on itch.io will be allowed to enter the real-life site, make sure all your team members are here!


The game jam will be hosted by Gamedev at Charles University at the Malá Strana building on Malostranské náměstí 25, Prague.  We will provide each participant with a comfortable seat for work, internet access, basic kitchen appliances, and some basic refreshments to enjoy the jam. 

Facilities provided: 

1) Toasters, kettles, pots, dishes and all the elementary kitchen equipment

2) 25 comfortable floating beds (if you take a sleeping bag, it is easy to get some sleep in one of the empty rooms)

3) Showers

4) Working space


All the time-related events are expressed in CET (=Prague time)

Friday 8. 3. 2024

14:00 – Site is open – We will be glad for any help provided to get things ready

18:15 – Opening speech by organizers

19:00 – JAM THEME announcement

19:00 – Bonus Thematic secret lecture 🙂 (10-15 minutes)

19:00 – JAM STARTS! You have 47 hours to create your game

Saturday 9. 3. 2024

A full day devoted to game jamming!

12:00 – Screenshot Noon – Send a screenshot of your game to the itch.io forum of this jam

14:00-16:00 – Take a moment and think about the remaining work on your game. Lecturers and developers from Amanita Design will regularly cruise the site to help you

Sunday 10. 3. 2024

12:00 – Screenshot Noon – Send a screenshot of your game to the itch.io forum of the jam

16:00 – Time is running up!

18:00 – Jam ends!

18:00 – Submissions through itch.io are closed (HARD deadline!)

18:00 – Voting period starts!

Monday 11. 3. 2024

19:00 – Deadline for submitting your 1-2min gameplay video to Spring Game Jam 2024 (add it to your itch.io submission page)

Sunday 10. 3. 2024 – Thursday 14. 3. 2024

Voting time! All jam submitters + contributors may vote for the The People’s Award of Spring Game Jam 2024

14.3.2024 15:00 – Voting ENDs!

Thursday 14. 3. 2024

Spring Game Jam’s after-event – Announcing winners,

14.3.2024 18:00 – TO BE ANNOUNCED


Nothing can replace the feeling of creating and experimenting with something new. However, we will still like to give some form of feedback and appreciation for your creations.

Competition is split into two categories.

1. Spring Game Jam 2024 Best Game Award (voted by a panel of judges)

2.  The People’s Award of Spring Game Jam 2024 (voted by participants)

The prizes for the Best Game Awards will be announced soon!


All participants who will submit a game or who will be contributors to some submission may vote on the games. Note that you will NOT be able to update your submissions during the voting period to ensure fairness! Although, you can still modify your webpage however you want.

There will be 7 categories for ranking the games:

  • Overall impression (PRIMARY CATEGORY)
  • Theme (is the game related to the theme?)
  • Innovation (is gameplay innovative?)
  • Fun (is the game fun to play?)
  • Controls (game controls are snappy, easy to play with?)
  • Visuals (nice looking game?)
  • Music & Sounds (nice audio in the game?)


Register itch.io account or login if you have one and click on “Join jam” button above (scroll up).


Facebook event to share with / invite your friends!

Please join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/VSbjAKww for most up-to-date news and online communication of the jam!


Max team size – 4 jammers; join the jam; submit your game on time to itch.io!

The build must run either on Windows 10+ based computer and/or Android 6.0+ mobile device; if you’re targeting WebGL, make sure to make it compatible with at least one of the mentioned devices.

Please, read and respect our Code of ConductTerms & ConditionsRules

See you soon!


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